Worried about heading to court with your case? Taking a case to court can be stressful and Nelson Law Group is here to help during those difficult times. However, if you want to avoid putting a case before a judge, let Nelson Law Group help you mediate your case.

What is mediation?

Mediation attempts to get both parties involved in a case to agree on an outcome rather than having a judge or jury decide the result of a case for the parties. Mediation can be either voluntary or ordered by a court.

What types of claims can be mediated?

• Retaliation
• Discrimination
• Sexual Harassment
• Whistleblower
• Embezzlement
• Overtime violations
• Employment contracts

Should I choose mediation for my case?

Nelson Law Group can help you decide if mediation is the best option for your case. Our top priority is making sure that both parties are comfortable with the outcome. Sometimes it is in the parties’ best interest to let the case go to court, which is why you should consult a mediator first.

What is the cost for mediation? How do I schedule an appointment?

Mediation with Nelson Law Group costs $300 per hour. However, we do not charge travel time. We are willing to travel to you or you can come visit us. Our office is always open so feel free to stop by and visit us with any questions you may have. We are located on Kingston Pike in Knoxville but can mediate cases throughout the Southeast. Contact us today at (865) 383-1054 or email us at to get more information. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon!