Hostile Work Environment? Employment Law Attorneys Can Help.

HOSTILE WORK ENVIRONMENT? EMPLOYMENT LAW ATTORNEYS CAN HELP. As an employee, the type of environment you work in can have a great impact on your ability to perform your duties and do your job well. Unfortunately, many people experience work environments that are unhealthy, and hostile. A hostile work environment is created when any person [...]


WORKING THROUGH DIVORCE WITH NELSON LAW GROUP Divorce can be difficult, but finding a local Knoxville divorce attorney to help shouldn’t be. The attorneys at Nelson Law Group are experienced in family law, which includes divorce, child support, and child custody. A locally based company here in Knoxville, TN - Nelson Law Groups team [...]

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Nelson Law Group: Your Family Law Attorney

Nelson Law Group: Your Family Law Attorney The experts at Nelson Law Group know that dealing with issues surrounding family law can be difficult. Divorce, child custody, child support, and alimony are all considered family law. These are some of the most personal issues that our clients face, and we want to make sure that [...]

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