As an employee, the type of environment you work in can have a great impact on your ability to perform your duties and do your job well. Unfortunately, many people experience work environments that are unhealthy, and hostile. A hostile work environment is created when any person in a workplace exhibits harassment towards another employee to the degree that that employee cannot perform their job duties. If you have found yourself in the middle of a hostile work environment, employment law attorneys may be the best choice for you.

Document Every Instance of Harassment

If you are being harassed in your workplace, it’s important to document every instance possible. Write down all the specific discriminatory comments you notice, and make note of the date and time of those comments. Also be sure to save any emails, texts, or other types of harassing messages that you receive. Having this documentation can be very helpful to you later on. If you choose to file a complaint, or in the instance that you proceed with hiring an employment law attorney, having specific evidence can immensely help your case.

Research Your Employer’s Complaint Procedure

Be sure to research your employer’s complaint procedures and try filing a complaint through that system. You could be surprised by the response your employer might have. If the problem persists and nothing is done about the issue it may be time consider talking with an employment law attorney.

Meet with An Employment Law Attorney

It can be a big decision to meet with an employment law attorney, but it can make a world of difference. Enduring workplace harassment for long periods of time can having lasting, negative impacts on your self confidence and outlook on life. In extreme cases it can even be a gateway into depression and other mental health difficulties. If you’re ready to talk with an employment law attorney, call Nelson Law Group today at 865-383-1053 or email to get help with your hostile work environment.