To begin the New Year, we found it only fitting to take this time to re-introduce Nelson Law Group!

Here at Nelson Law Group we serve people, not big insurance companies. When it comes to helping you with employment or family law, we are sure to be of assistance. We handle almost every type of employment law claims including: overtime violations, minimum wage violations, sexual harassment, discrimination (gender, pregnancy, race, religion, age, disability, etc.), retaliation, whistleblower protection, wrongful discharge, demotion, or discipline, Family and Medical Leave Act (“FMLA”), Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”), non-competes, employment contracts, and severance negotiations.

In addition to employment law, we also serve clients in family law matters. Family law is a very intimate and personal encounter for which we provide personal and effective representation. We assist in matters of divorce, child custody, change in parenting plans, child support, alimony, and property division.
Of course, we are also known for our top-notch representation of disputes against insurance companies, consumer protection matters, and cases involving deceptive advertising practices.

It may be a new year but we are the same us. We are here to help our clients through legal battles that can be financially and emotionally burdensome. Not sure if we can help you? We offer FREE 30-minute phone evaluations! Call us at (865) 383-1053 to get answers to your questions and learn how we can help you!