Finding yourself in a courtroom or in front of a judge can be an intimidating experience. Your case depends on whether you present yourself in a good light.

Although legal situations may find your stomach in knots, it is how you present yourself that will make the most impact. Here are a few tips from our law attorneys that will shed some light on how to find yourself ready for a courtroom appearance.

Communication is key.

Should you be working with an employment, family, or criminal defense lawyer; being comfortable communicating with your attorney is essential. They are your truest ally in this situation and a genuine source of information. Communicate your questions and fears openly; it can better help them guide you.

Dress professionally.

Many courts, even small claims and traffic courts, have a dress code. It does not matter how small the legal matter may be, honoring the court’s dress code is a must. Jeans, t-shirts, baseball caps and sandals are good things to avoid.

Be respectful of your environment.

When addressing the judge, always be formal and refer to him /her as “your honor.” Avoid interrupting or arguing with the judge at any time.

Be timely.

Court schedules may be sporadic, but you should never depend on that as an excuse for being tardy. Account for the time it may take to park, get through security, speak further with your attorney or locate the appropriate courtroom.

Do your research.

Learn the rules and regulations of the court you will be visiting and research some legal terms. Knowledge of both your situation and your environment will work to your advantage.

Should you let one of our NLG attorneys be your legal guide, we are sure to review these tips in further detail prior to your court date. Want to learn more? Contact us today!