Knoxville, TN Consumer Protection and Insurance Coverage

What is consumer protection?

Consumer protection; closely intertwined with consumer rights, is a group of laws and organizations designed to protect consumer rights, as well as, ensure fair trade, competition and the validity of accurate information in the marketplace. It is because of these laws that businesses can be held accountable for fraud or using unfair practices to gain advantage over their competitors. Ultimately, consumer protection deters businesses from participating in scams or fraudulent activity.

Am I a consumer?

If you are someone who acquires good and services for direct use or ownership (NOT for resale, production, or manufacturing) then you are a consumer.

What can a consumer protection lawyer do for you?

If you believe you have been targeted, or accused of fraud, a consumer protection lawyer can return you to good standing and clear your name. Whether it be unintentionally filing a false tax return or credit card fraud, hiring an attorney can be a huge asset to your success.

Nelson Law Group represents both domestic and international insurers and insureds on high stakes issues relating to insurance coverage.

What is insurance coverage?

Insurance coverage is the amount of liability or risk that is covered for an individual or company by way of insurance services. Issued by an insurer in the event of unforeseen occurrences, insurance coverage can range from auto to life to specialized insurance.

Insurance coverage helps consumers financially recover from unexpected events. Unexpected events can come in many forms, such as, car accidents or the loss of a main financial supporter of the family unit. Where we here at Nelson Law Group intend to protect you in the courtroom, insurance protects you in everyday mishaps.

How can an attorney help?

Does an insured have the right to benefits if under certain circumstances? Should an insurer be responsible for covering a particular claim? The answers to these questions are often the subject of intense disagreement between parties and this is how insurance lawyers can be so beneficial.