If you are going through a legal process that seems overwhelming and intimidating, mediation may be your solution. Allowing a neutral third party to assist in resolving conflict through the use of negotiation techniques and communication, acts as a huge advantage when faced with disputing parties.

Mediation, in law, is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR). In many cases, the mediator assists two or more parties in resolving a dispute and agreeing on a resolution such as, a settlement. Mediation disputes can resolve a variety of conflicts among commercial, legal, diplomatic, family, community or workplace domains. Mediators are “party-centered” and focus primarily on the interests, rights and needs of all parties. Through open communication and a variety of techniques, mediation can  allow your legal process to be driven in a constructive direction that results in an optimal solution for both parties.

Mediation is cost effective. While there may be a fee comparable to that of hiring an attorney, mediation processes move through standard legal channels a lot quicker. Where many cases may take months or years to resolve, mediation is known to take only hours! Less time, less cost. Confidentiality is also a huge benefit of mediation. Court hearings are open to the public while a mediation is strictly between the involved parties. In addition to cost and confidentiality, mediation also allows you to have more control over the resolution. In open court cases, control is in the hands of the judge or jury rather than the parties.

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