Have you been injured at work? An employee should report their work-related injury as soon as possible to their supervisor so the proper paperwork can be filed. Reporting it quickly also speeds up the handling of your claim. Below are some common questions about work related injuries and workers’ compensation:

Can I be fired for reporting a work-related injury?

It is illegal for your employer to fire you due to a work-related injury. If you were fired because you reported an injury, you should speak to a Knoxville workers comp attorney. An experienced employment lawyer can work with you to resolve wrongful termination claims. 

Do all attorneys handle work-related injury cases?

No. You should consult with an attorney that has years of experience handling these types of cases, such as the attorneys at Nelson Law Group in Knoxville. Employment law can be difficult and confusing, so you will have the best chance at success with someone that is experienced in employment law.

Will I need to use sick or vacation time while off work due to a work-related injury?

It depends based on your situation. An employee is not entitled to receiving disability benefits. You should review your company’s policies about this unpaid time and speak with your employer should you have any questions.

Is my employer required to have workers’ compensation coverage?

In most cases, your employer will have workers’ compensation if they have five or more employees. Some employers may provide coverage if they have less than five. You will need to contact your employer to learn more about the specific workers’ compensation coverage at your place of work. 

I want to know more – what should I do?

Contact the a Knoxville workers’ comp attorney at Nelson Law Group in Knoxville today at 865-383-1053 to get started. Even if you still work for the employer, time is limited to file claims from the point you were injured. You should call us as soon as the situation arises to seek assistance.